Caught up in the bustling world of today, we tend to lose focus on the importance of

“living each moment to its fullest”, or SETSUNA.

Mindful of the Buddha’s Teachings, the art and ritual of preparing vegan food with Setsuna

Bring Balance, Harmony, and Simplicity to our cuisine.


Contemporary Shojin Ryori (Buddhist Cuisine)

Is prepared with gifts from earth, featuring harvested seasonal vegetables of the local land.

Minimizes the use of condiments, bringing out the natural and nutritious flavor of vegetables.

Is prepared with respect and appreciation for the cooking materials.


From Heart to Heart

Infused with the energy of the earth, our cuisine flows

From the hearts of TENZO (the creators of the Buddhist Cuisine)

Into the hearts of guests, who absorb this energy of loving spirit,

Sharing the heart of BUDDHA.


Life is transient,

True appreciation of interdependence and reverence for the oneness of life

Is in the awareness of “Setsuna” .





Moment by Moment

In flow with nature

Enjoy wonderful Shojin Ryori

And enter into…




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